At bokonet specialists for conception, design and development work hand in hand.

We are an owner-operated web agency from Hamburg. The managers Lars Borggräfe and Dennis Kokot founded their first IT company more than 15 years ago. In 2006, both companies were merged to combine skills and to be able to expand. Since 2010 they have been operating under the name bokonet and have acquired a young, agile team of technical IT specialists. Due to our high technical expertise, we often collaborate with various partners who are looking to draw on our technical knowledge and experience for the execution of complex and challenging requests, as well as offering this performance under their own names. Further areas of specialties are the constructs of web-based software, programming of online system interfaces, hosting services and consulting and all areas of the open-source-cms TYPO3 software.


bokonet develops custom made web applications - optimal solutions to save time and costs

We have specialized in various areas of technical performance of complex web projects: web-based software, SaaS (Software as a Service), rich internet applications and smartphone apps. We often work as technical specialists and supporters for agencies and network partners who seek our long-standing experience with programming and individual web solutions. Our provided services reach a wide spectrum from conception guidance, design, development, programming and consultation to hosting your web projects; your security always being of upmost concern. More information about our main areas of focus as creation of TYPO3 extensions, programming of interfaces and development of web applications (such as our online appointment app) can be found by clicking on the circles in the graphic above.


Satisfied customers are the best proof for quality work.

This list of chosen clients and projects shows our true diversity and wide spectrum of services. As most of our projects were specially created for other companies (web agencies, PR, freelance designers, …) we have only listed a few. Our clients hail from all lines of business, from small and large businesses to industrial craftsmen and artisans to private and public services.